Must Have Tent Camping Essentials

Must Have Tent Camping Essentials

These must have tent camping essentials help to make your tent camping experience more enjoyable.  Be sure to add them to your supply list!

Get ready to pack your bags and sleep under the stars. In this camping checklist, you’ll find all the essentials and extras to set up a fairly comfortable camp. You might not need everything, so choose the items according to your needs. Are you planning to venture into the wilderness? Below is the list of things not to forget when camping in a tent.

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TEAR-AID Repair kit offers a modest and stress-free method of repairing holes plus tears in the tent and provides an outstanding defensive film solution. This TEAR-AID Repair Patch is built from an extremely hard, matte finish, abrasion-proof, elastomer that fights puncture as well as tearing. The TEAR-AID patch is transparent to work on any color as well as UV proof to avoid yellowing for several years. 

This Coghlan’s nylon tent repair kit helps to repair your nylon tent. It comes with 0.5 ounces of Seam Seal, nylon as well as mesh patches, needle, ferrules, as well, as shock cord. It is a reasonable, important gear for camp out, backpacking, backcountry hikes, and so on.

This appropriate tent pole kit permits you to substitute a lost or cracked pole as a substitute for the complete tent. It comes with four 27-inch fiberglass spare poles with attached ferrules and includes 10 feet of shock cord and a lead wire that offer the ideal amount of tension.

A tent pole splint can promptly upkeep broken tent poles as well as appears in two sizes. Weigh up to 0.10 oz., its sturdy and lightweight design, and it is built from anodized aluminum that makes sure this fix lasts for several years.

This vinyl repair tape fix rips as well as holes with the help of a robust repair tape that requires no heat or sewing, perfect for usage on tents, canvases, jackets, vinyl furniture, and so on. You can apply firm tape to nearly anything with its destructive adhesive that bonds enduringly to nylon, net, vinyl, rubber as well as plastic.

This tent fabric sealer can seal up to 85 sq. ft. of nylon tent floors as well as tarpaulins. It helps to reinstate ancient PU coatings that are peeling, sticky, or debasing with the help of this efficient tent sealer. It also desiccates to a long-lasting coating that is almost invisible as well as flexes with nylon.

This adhesive for tents enduringly repairs holes in tents, tarpaulins, awnings as well as camping gear such as sleeping pads. It provides water-resistant gear with a sealant that flexes with a cloth as well as bonds to polyester, canvas, nylon, leather, and vinyl.

It is a reasonable frivolous camping pad with a V-chamber design to restrict air movement as well as heat loss for improved sustenance and luxury. The valve permits for quick inflation as well as deflation of the sleeping pad.

This bear spray comes with an in-house HPLC lab to guarantee extreme strength (50% effective than other Pepper Spray) as well as eradicate the 30% fail rate practiced by additional brands.

This sleeping bag is weather resistant, extra-long and extra-wide.  The bag is comfortably roomy, features a waterproof polyester outer shell, and is comfort rated to 32F.  The dual, anti-snag zippers make it easy to open and close from inside or outside the bag.

What else would you add to our must have tent camping essentials list?  Please share!

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