DIY Fire Starters

DIY fire starter ideas

Use these simple ideas to make your own DIY fire starters with ease. Quick and easy, they will keep your fire burning bright all night long.

When you’re out in Mother Nature, you’re going to want to find a way to stay warm and have light at night, too. But what happens if you don’t have a flashlight handy or a lighter or matches, either? You’ll learn the best ways to make your own firestarter so that you’ll never run into issues on how you’re going to start and light that fire.

Going camping out in the woods is such a fun experience and having a campfire is part of that fun. But what happens if you can’t get the fire to start just by trying to light a few leaves and twigs? This is where homemade fire starters are a cost-effective and straightforward solution to use.

All of these firestarter ideas are simple and easy to do. They require minimal work and prepping on your part. Most of them are probably made from items and supplies that you already have lying around your house. Here are super simple ways to make your own firestarter fast.

Save your dryer lint!

We’re all in the habit of just throwing our dryer lint in the trash, but next time you’re cleaning out the dryer, don’t toss it. Bag it up and save it for your next camping trip or outdoor adventure. It’s super flammable and an easy way to get a free firestarter quickly.

I always keep a ziplock bag on the dryer, and every time the lint trap gets cleaned out, all the fuzzy goodness goes right into my bag for our trip.

Use cardboard egg cartons…

Anything cardboard is going to burn but having an egg carton makes it that much easier. You can even add a lump of charcoal in the egg carton so that it gets hot and burns longer, even after the cardboard is gone.

Twist-up old newspaper!

Who says that the need for print newspapers is dead? Grab your leftover reading material and twist it together in your hands nice and tight. You can then use this to put in the fire and light it. It’ll have a nice slow burn into the fire and is a great way to get the fire lit fast.

Don’t toss those toilet paper tubes!

The roundness of empty toilet paper tubes is perfect for creating a simple DIY firestarter. You can fill the tube full of newspaper, dryer lint, or anything else that will burn quickly and have it sitting under the wood in the fire. It acts as a nice holder and will get your firing roaring quickly.

Use cotton balls that have been dipped in petroleum jelly.

Creating this firestarter couldn’t be any easier. This is a super affordable way to make a firestarter at home that will actually burn for quite a while. It’s also a great fire starter because of the size. Once you make it, you can easily put it down into the wood or kindling to easily catch fire. Many people combine the cotton balls and petroleum jelly idea with the toilet paper roll, too.

Use these simple ideas to make your own firestarter with ease. All are quick, easy, and affordable and will keep your fire burning bright all night long.

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