Awesome Benefits of Cast Iron Cooking

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of cast iron cooking are?! There are so many great reasons to cook with cast iron detailed here.

Whether you’re just experimenting a bit with home cooked meals or consider yourself a pro over the campfire, you know how a cast iron skillet is one of the most reliable and classic cookware pieces you could get your hands on. But, if you’re still in a fix, wondering if you should invest in it, here’s a little push to get you to do just that.

Read on to discover 6 awesome benefits to cast iron cooking!

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Our camping essentials for cast iron recipes:

1. It is Super Versatile

From open flame to induction to even commercial ovens, cast iron cookware works in almost all cooking settings, and is incredibly versatile. Since it looks so fantastic too, it makes for a great presentation piece whether you’re hosting guests at home, in the woods or are a food blogger looking to take some cool pictures.

Plus, cast iron cookware is, in general, relatively low cost as well.

2. Less Cleaning & Maintenance

Following its initial seasoning (read more about how to care for cast iron), a cast iron skillet needs very little care and maintenance, which is another plus. Once you’re done cooking in it, all you’ll need to do is rinse it with water, dry it thoroughly and then add another layer of seasoning to enhance its life.

3. It is Natural

If you’re a fan of healthy eating and are trying to limit your consumption and use of anything that’s processed, this one might just be your best bet. As opposed to other non-stick cookware, cast iron cookware is made using 100% natural material, which means it is less toxic and harmful than almost everything you’ve been using.

4. It Lasts For Years

Another awesome reason to start using a cast iron skillet is that it is actually a one time investment- it is extremely durable and sturdy and lasts for years. Even if it gets rusted, you can clean it, season it and keep reusing it.

You don’t necessarily have to use it for just frying- you can use it for a lot of other cooking methods such as poaching, braising, grilling or even just quick broiling.

5. It Eventually Becomes Non-Stick

One of the best benefits of using a cast iron skillet is that once you start seasoning it well, it practically becomes non-stick, and you’ll need to use a lot less oil to cook your food in it. Plus, it cleans up pretty quick too.

The more you keep on using it, the more you’ll season it and the better it starts to get.

6. It is Healthy!

We’ve saved the best for last- cooking in a cast iron skillet can actually mean you’re making a healthier cooking choice. That’s simply because it has been found that cooking your food in this can actually help release iron into your food.  Iron is a micronutrient that a lot of us are surprisingly deficient in.

This can actually be of a huge help for women, children and vegetarians in general, since they are more prone to be iron deficient.

Tips for cooking with cast iron:

  • When cooking with cast iron, be sure to season the surface first.
  • Always use gloves or oven mitts while cooking as the surface of the iron will be hot.
  • Cook the recipe over an open fire using hot coals, not open flames.  A fire that is too hot will burn the outside of your recipe and not cook the inside.
  • Be sure to clean the cast iron with a rough vegetable scrubber, rinse and dry thoroughly before storing.

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