The Best Skillet for Camping

The Best Skillets for Camping

These are the absolute best camping skillets! We love to use cast iron camping skillet whenever we are creating recipes and these are some of our favorites.

Many of our favorite recipes are made in a skillet right over an open flame. Like this blackened salmon or skillet nacho recipe. So we are somewhat bias when it comes to our camping cookers.

The Best Camping Skillets:

Let’s get right to it shall we?! Check out the features of the products that we love for camping!

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Lodge Cast Iron Skillet With Holder

Lodge is a time trusted brand, and this skillet is no exception. This pre-seasoned cast iron skillet comes in at twelve inches long.

It includes a durable assist handle to better control the skillet when it is being used. The skillet comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil, so it can be used right away. It is perfect for baking, frying, searing, or grilling any food you want while camping.

It can be used on nearly any type of appliance, or you can use it over a campfire. Plus, it is the best size cast iron skillet, coming in at twelve inches in diameter. This means it is some of the best camping cookware for two or solo campers. It is also good choice for induction cooking and is definitely our favorite cast iron pan.

Carote 8 Inch Non Stick Frying Pan

Made of an eco-friendly nonstick coating material, this skillet will allow you to make even complex dishes without food sticking to the pan. 

Non-stick pans allow you to cook without grease or oil, which is both healthier and safer. This skillet works great on all kinds of stoves and heats up fast compared to other skillets thanks to an extended bottom design.

Plus, as many campers know, getting a skillet to heat up evenly can be a pain, but this skillet heats up evenly and quickly for a great cooking experience. 

Thanks to a lessened need for oil, there is less smoke released during cooking and it can help to reduce fat intake. This skillet is perfect for all your everyday cooking needs and is rated on amazon as the best non-stick frying pan for camping.

Lodge Eight Inch Round Cast Iron Skillet

This smaller, eight inch cast iron skillet is a good idea for smaller meals and side dishes. It comes pre seasoned with oil for a great cooking experience over an open fire. 

It is perfect for all your cooking needs, from frying to grilling and even baking. This skillet can be used anywhere and is perfect for car camping.

Plus it is easy to take care of as you need only hand wash and dry it and then rub with cooking oil. This is perhaps the best camping frying pan for smaller jobs, and it can be used in tandem with larger skillets in the great outdoors. 

Pre-Seasoned Twelve Inch Cast Iron Skillet With Lid & Accessories

This cook set includes everything you need to get started cooking with cast iron, and it is the best camping cookware set on Amazon in terms of rating. This skillet has great heat retention, even on inconsistent campfires with high heat. 

Coming in at twelve inches in diameter, it is the perfect pan for all your cooking needs. It is no wonder why it is rated as the best camping cookware. The set includes a durable braiser lid, specifically engineered to aid you while cooking. 

The set also includes hot handle holders for both the pan and lid so you can be safe while using the skillet at high temperatures. The holders are easy to clean and help to eliminate slips while cooking.

This set includes a lifetime warranty and comes pre seasoned so you can use the nonstick surfaces as soon as possible. This is a good option if you want to get into cast iron cooking on your next campout.

This post contains affiliate links.

Camping essentials for skillet recipes:

These high quality cookware items are a must take on your next camping trip. They make a great addition to a home kitchen as well!

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